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Mice Problems Solved: Comments from Amazon Customers

Mousemesh can be bought from a variety of dealers, of which probably the best known is Amazon. Amazon customers are asked for comments on their purchases and we are pleased to display some of these below:

  • I glued this on to my airbricks with UniBond "no more nails" exterior adhesive. I left my ladder leaning against it with a piece of wood in between while it set for 20 mins. Stuck solid. There are four fixing holes and supplied screws but I could not be bothered for all that palaver.
  • I bought these directly as I wanted the all metal rat version (see stainless steel Mousemesh). ordered three covers just after Christmas and they arrived before the new year. a very speedy and efficient service. we usually have to add on a few days for post as we are in a rural Scottish town. The vent covers seem very well made and came with screws and hole plugs. we decided to screw the vents as the house is 100 years old and we may need to take them off one day. being of sandstone construction the wall can be a little bit bumpy however there was enough flexibility in the frame to leave no gaps.
  • The mesh is solid on the wall and it definitely would stop mice entering. It looks like it could take a bit of abuse from the kids football too.
  • Excellent product. Does the job very well and was easy to fit to all exterior air bricks and looks good.
  • Though intended to keep mice from under the floorboards, I found this product ideal for preventing wasps from crawling through the air bricks that ventilate the space between a flat roof and ceiling. Nothing wrong with letting wasps share your home, but over the years I found that whatever they did up there eventually discoloured older ceilings that did not benefit from a foil facing. See our page: Insect Pests: Wasps
  • Excellent - just what I was after and speedy delivery - would use again - thanks
  • Ordered 2 items on separate occasions. The first item arrived the next day. The second Item did not arrive - no fault of the Mousemesh. Contacted Mousemesh who immediately sent a replacement item which arrived the following day. Very impressed with level of service
  • Very pleased with the service. Product is great and does exactly what we wanted. We spent a lot of time looking in places like B&Q but could not find anything like this. Definitely recommend. House is now mouse proof.
  • We bought these for a neighbour after they saw ours - we all think they are great and other neighbours have ordered them too!
  • The item was as described, delivered on time and finally relieved us of our ongoing mouse problem. Excellent product!
  • Prompt delivery and as shown on the advert easy to install For anyone who is terrified of mice as I am this is a must have.
  • What a brilliant idea! We ordered Mousemesh to cover all our airbricks. They arrived within 48 hours and are now glued on! Very easy to fix and they look good.
Mousemesh has proved to be a very effective mouse deterrent and since it does not trap mice is a humane method of pest control, making it possible to avoid mice in the home.
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