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Mouse Mesh is an effective and long term solution to mice problems

Mouse Mesh grills are an inexpensive and effective solution to mouse control in the home without using mouse traps, poison or glue traps..
Mice need to gain entry to the home from outside and the airbrick is an obvious entry point. Mice can squeeze through holes that might look far too small to the casual observer. It would be rare for them to gain entry through doors and windows as most of their activity is at night when the house is quiet. With airbricks barred to them by MouseMesh grilles, experience shows that they very rarely gain entry and the problem is solved before it starts.

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Airbricks provide airflow and ventilate cavity walls and suspended floors and in many homes are essential. They can, however, provide an entrance for house mice (and other pests) so fitting Mousemesh mouse-proof metal grills prevents mice entering your home whilst still allowing air to circulate. For full details of airflow see the Mousemesh grilles technical page.
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