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MouseMesh - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mousemesh?

Mousemesh is a metal grille which prevents house mice (and other pests) entering your property via air bricks. By using Mousemesh you prevent mice and rats entering your propery through air bricks - thus avoiding the nead for inhumane mouse traps or glue traps.

Standard Mousemesh grilles have a plastic surround and are also available with a stainless steel surround making the Mousemesh rat-proof.

What colours does Mousemesh come in?

Mousemesh is available in white, brown and black. See colours page

Mousemesh is also available with a stainless steel surround making the Mousemesh rat-proof.

What sizes does Mousemesh come in?

Mousemesh comes in three sizes - all in the same width:

  • Small: 245mm by 95mm (9 ¾” by 3 ¾”)
  • Medium: 245mm by 170mm (9 ¾” by 6 ¾”)
  • Large: 245mmX245mm (9 ¾” by 9 ¾”) See sizes page

Is Mousemesh for interior or exterior use?

Mousemesh is designed to fit over existing inbuilt exterior Airbrick Vents found on most properties.

How many Mousemesh will I need?

Mousemesh will only be effective if you cover all of your ground level airbrick vents (all levels if you wish to stop wasps and bees etc) and block up any other holes you have that will allow pests to enter your home e.g. where pipes and cables enter your property.

How do you fix Mousemesh in place?

Mousemesh can be glued or screwed into place. We recommend screwing as it can be easily removed whilst decorating your home without leaving adhesive marks. Gluing Mousemesh works just as well as long as you use a strong high performance adhesive such as Stixall which can be used in wet or dry conditions. Stixall can be purchased on our website. See our fixing Mouse Mesh Grills page.

Stainless Steel Mousemesh are supplied with stainless steel screws.

Will MouseMesh stop other pests entering my home via my Airbrick Vents?

House mice can enter the home through very small holes but MouseMesh keeps them outThe gap between the holes on the stainless steel insert on mousemesh are
2mm x 2mm - small enough to prevent:

  • mice
  • rats - we recommend the use of stainless steel mousemesh where you wish to prevent rats entering your property
  • wasps
  • bees
  • cockroaches
  • and any other similar sized insects or pests entering your home via your airbrick vents.

Do you offer a bulk buy discount?

We offer Discounted prices to Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Pest Control Suppliers, Pest Controllers, Property Management Companies, Housing Trusts and other trade related companies and organisations. See our Bulk Buy page

Has Mousemesh been recognised as a reliable product?

PETA awarded Mousemesh with one of their much coveted Proggy awards in 2007 for Best Humane Wildlife Innovation 2007 which was previously awarded to Rentokil in 2006. Mousemesh supplies to some of the Largest Pest Control Companies in the country.See PETA award

Is Mousemesh available in shops?

Mousemesh is predominantly sold over the Internet via our website. However, a few companies we supply sell Mousemesh over the counter and there are plans for Mousemesh to be sold in other DIY stores and garden centres. Watch this space!

Is Mousemesh available outside the UK

Yes! The Irish Republic web site: was registered in Ocober 2012 and a web site displaying details of Mousemesh and how to buy it in Euros is now displayed at this location.

In addition you may purchase Mousemesh in Euros from this web site - we have pages in French, German and Spanish. If you would like to purchase Mousemesh in any other currency for delivery outside Europe please contact MouseMesh.

What is mousemesh made of?

The white, black and brown Mousemesh are made of a ABS (Plastic) with a Stainless steal woven mesh insert , its has a unique 4mm flange around the surface area to allow for a bead of adhesive to be applied.

The stainless steel Mousemesh are made entirely of stainless steel, making them rat-proof.

What adhesive do you recommend/supply?

We supply Stixall adhesive which can be applied to wet surfaces and costs £6.50 and is the best option if you intend on mounting Mousemesh to surfaces other than brick, concrete or rendering. We do not supply screws with plastic Mousemesh - we do supply stainless steel screws with stainless steel Mousemesh.

Did you know - the mesh used in Mousemesh grills is fine enough to stop most insect pests from entering your home? Cockroaches, bees and wasps will not be able to enter your home through an airbrick if it is covered by a Mousemesh grill! A recent purchaser of Mousemesh wrote to us to say that Mousemesh also stops slugs enter the home - see the article about how Mousemesh deals with this househeld pest.
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